We do not take ANY aggressive dogs! 

All dogs must be non-aggressive to ALL TYPES and SIZES of dogs. Owners will certify their dogs have not harmed or shown any aggressive or threatening behavior toward any person or any other dog(s). Please remember your pet will be spending time with other dogs and the safety and health of all animals is our main concern.

All dogs MUST be spayed or neutered by  12 months to avoid aggression issues, marking in the house, excessive mounting etc.

We only take dogs free of fleas, lice and dogs that have not been ill with any contagious virus in the last 30 days. 

All dogs must be vaccinated or titer tested within the last 3 years with Rabies and DA2PP.  All puppies must have proof of all 3 sets of puppy vaccinations.

(For this reason we do not take any puppies younger than 4 months of age.)

All dogs must be  dropped off and picked up on leash. 

We are closed from 10-4 daily to allow time for dog walks, swims, baths, naps, play, cuddles and training. These hours are strictly enforced to ensure the safety of all animals in our care!

We are closed at 6pm. These hours are strictly enforced to ensure the safety of all animals in our care!

Overnight charges start on check in date and the next day charge starts after 10am.

All balances must be paid upon checkout.

48 hours is required for cancellations and early check outs. 

Please understand that we only have a limited number of spots available and once we are booked, we must turn away others in order to maintain a high level of care. Because of this, we have had to set up a cancellation policy.   

Less than 48 hours cancellation notice prior to day of arrival results in a 48 hour charge per dog booked. 

When we are unable to re-book the space that is reserved for your dog due to inadequate notice we will charge a $70.00 cancellation fee for each dog reserved.

We understand that things happen that cause plans to change. In the event that you return home early, you will be charged full cost for scheduled boarding within 48 hours of your unscheduled early return. 

 Our Policies, Procedures, Services and Rates may change from time to time. While we will attempt to notify you of these changes, it is ultimately your responsibility to check back on our website regularly so that you are aware of our most current Policies, Procedures, Services and Rates. 

Crates: If we feel your dog is a danger to him/herself a wire crate will be provided for your dog for his/her safety.  Safety is of most importance!    

 Excessive Barking: We do not allow dogs who bark excessively because excessive barking can escalate the intensity of the pack dynamic,

We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone at our sole discretion.


Copy of vaccines, food, medication, and leash.